About Us
Royal Wreaths and Garlands online at www.royalwreathsandgarlands.com is a design entity that was developed by Royal Gift Basket Corp. at www.royalgiftbasket.com to meet the needs of the event decorating and holiday and occasion market, with an emphasis on personalized decorative accents and seasonal decor as well as themed occasions for both Residential and Commercial Customers.

We have been in business since the year 2000. We are located in South Florida. The book of themed centerpieces, entitled "How To Create Your Own Beautiful Princess Themed Centerpieces" found at www.princesscenterpiece.com as well as the free fashion designs and illustrations at Zan Fashion Clipart Pages are all the creation of Suzanne Wells, President and CEO of the company.

Suzanne first started out as a fashion designer and found that she most enjoyed the conceptual part of it. The entire design imaginative and illustrative process, rather than sewing and pattern making, although she was trained to do all of it and holds the necessary college certification.

She later decided that not actually residing in the hub of the fashion world, which is mainly New York, presented a problem in really branching out and becoming famous. She also saw a market for other things such as decorative items which she thoroughly enjoyed making. At the same time the internet had become popular. So the websites were born for Royal Gift Basket and Decorate Your Events. This prevented the expense of a store front and huge warehouse, which would have cost millions based on the type of inventory that she would have been required to keep, if you take a look at her creations.

Suzanne is the chief designer and creator of all things within both entities of the company. She likes fairies. Can you tell?

Thank you for visiting. We look forward to serving you.
Royal Gift Basket Corp.  Established  2000